Learning Live visitors excited about virtual reality

Serious Games InternationalBusiness Development Learning Live visitors excited about virtual reality
Visitors are experiencing VR at learing Live

Learning Live visitors excited about virtual reality

Learning Live event organised by Learning& Performance Institute taking place in the beginning of September was an exciting place to be for SGIL. Being a member of LPI community Serious Games International has demonstrated its commitment to bringing the latest technology into learning and  integrating virtual reality in training processes across various industries.


Exciting VR demonstrations at SGIL exhibition stands have generated a lot of interest among visitors. With the help of Samsung Gear VR and HTC Vive we have shown the guests several immersive environments with rich graphics, easy interaction and stunning present effect. L&D professionals highly estimated the potential of virtual reality which led to active exchange of the ideas about using it in different sectors, from medical services to sales departments.


Embedding high technology into learning is becoming a popular trend. According to Key Note, virtual and augmented reality are among the most important market drivers in the UK training and e-learning sector. VR and AR significantly enhance efficiency of processes related to the knowledge and skill acquisition, including workplace learning, coaching and personal development. The main reason behind it is that immersive environments provide a very high degree of involvement and engagement which activates the part of the brain that allows users to memorise information more promptly. With high interaction, freedom to fail and immediate feedback individuals obtain knowledge that is easy to comprehend and apply in real life. Virtual reality enables learners to improve both hard and soft skills and works as an excellent substitute for physical training, when field practice is dangerous or too expensive.

Nataliia Zaboeva