Serious Games InternationalBusiness Development SGIL explores opportunities in automotive industry

SGIL explores opportunities in automotive industry

On June 16th the Digital Engineering and Test Centre in London welcomed representatives of the UK’s leading car manufacturers and digital companies at the Spoke Launch event which aimed at introducing opportunities in using high-power computing, gaming and big data for enhancing effectiveness and efficiency in automotive industry. Serious Games International was excited to take part in the event and demonstrate its potential in immersive simulation and virtual reality.

While the UK automotive sector is successfully growing with the turnover increasing from £60.5B in 2013 to £69.5B in 2015, it is currently facing many challenges. Customers have high expectations for new vehicles and legislation is requiring further reductions in emissions. To bring innovation to market faster manufacturers need to reduce the time it takes to design and test while complexity is increasing.

Representatives of automotive industry had a chance to try SGIL's VR apps

SGIL’s stand visitors experience VR

Through integrating state-of-the-art digital tools and techniques into design and testing processes manufacturers present at the event believe they can save costs and get new vehicles to market faster. Virtual reality solutions provided by Serious Games International benefit automotive manufacturers in many ways, from vivid 3D visualisation of new designs, to supporting maintenance and training for new manufacturing methods and finished products. SGIL is also implementing Augmented Reality applications in assembly processes to help employees to do their job easier and faster while improving quality.

During the launch event Serious Games International presented some of its latest projects with virtual reality headsets and generated great interest. SGIL was actively involved in discussions about the future of the UK automotive industry which brings many opportunities for collaborative developments which will help deliver intelligent mobility, new vehicle designs and data visualisation and analysis capabilities.

Nataliia Zaboeva