SGIL 3D modelling revolutionises training

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3D modelling in practice

SGIL 3D modelling revolutionises training

Capitalising on high expertise in 3D modelling SGIL has recently delivered a large scale VR simulation project for the Singapore Civil Defence Force. The simulation helps firefighters practice drills as well as command &control skills. We built two highly interactive 3D-environments: A gas refinery and a marine environment which includes a container ship, a cruise ship and firefighting boats.

SGIL partnered with Netherlands based XVR to deliver this innovative solution.  It features role playing where up to 30 users can act simultaneously responding to various emergency situations moderated by an instructor who also builds, adapts and controls training scenarios, determining the scope and evolution of fire on various objects. Participants need to react quickly, interact with each other and behave the way they would do in real life. Moving around freely in 3D environment, the participants develop strong teamwork and analytic skills.

3D modelling was used to create this large virtual cruise ship

This 3D model is an accurate replica of the real cruise liner

This 3D simulation is exceptionally precise, especially for the marine environment which is geo-specific and represents the actual coast and waters of Singapore. The ships are accurate replicas of real vessels. For example, the cruise ship is a 3D copy of a huge liner photographed by our team when docked in Italy and then reproduced in the virtual world.

The project included 3D modelling of their training ship located on land at their Academy and is a great example of a forward thinking organisation seeing benefit in practising in a synthetic environment even when a physical facility is available.

SGIL has recently won a follow on project with their team in Singapore and partners XVR to expand to multiagency exercising. Stay tuned!

Nataliia Zaboeva