“Go Virtual” webinar with Ron Edwards and the LPI

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“Go Virtual” webinar with Ron Edwards and the LPI

Almost a hundred professionals excited about virtual reality and L&D have joined the webinar hosted by the Learning &Performance Institute with Ron Edwards, the Managing Director of SGIL, as a speaker. “Go Virtual” webinar dedicated to learning and training applications of VR have attracted users from all over the UK as well as international participants.


Ron who has 25 years’ experience in enterprise learning, development and change management has shared the latest industry achievements in terms or VR hardware and gave a detailed overview of possible applications of this technology in corporate L&D and different types of professional training.


Talking about the hardware, Ron shared his opinion about using different types of headsets in different learning scenarios, from deploying portable and convenient Samsung Gear VR in the networked classroom to using high-end HTC Vive with high degree of interactivity for procedural training  or collaborative design in virtual reality.


virtual reality in organisations

Adoption of virtual reality in organisations


Using a standard learning model the speaker explained how VR can reinforce each stage, from building awareness and situational knowledge to practicing and building the necessary skillset to the application of skills and improving the real life performance.  Virtual reality helps to put theory into immersive context, enabling users to practice doing their job in the environment where they will be deployed but without taking real risk. Therefore, VR training is especially effective in the sectors involving dangerous procedures and hazardous environments.


If you would like to know more about how the content for VR is created, learn about SGIL success stories and see what to expect from VR and AR industry in the coming years, you can access the webinar here (Requires Internet Explorer and the WebEx Plugin – auto download).

Nataliia Zaboeva