Webinar: How Gamification is Changing

Serious Games InternationalBusiness Development Webinar: How Gamification is Changing

Webinar: How Gamification is Changing

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When over 300 people registered for this webinar in just a few days we knew we were on to a hot topic!

There was strong interest in each of the areas discussed that are falling under this now broad term – game based learning, use of game related technologies and applying game mechanics to influence behaviour and engagement.

This recording includes examples and discussion of each area, the LEAD Simulation model and the ongoing lively chat where many shared their interests and progress.
There were a few questions raised about template style game engines to create learning games. An overview of Matrix by SGIL is attached as an example.

As a follow up, Ron is writing a white paper to cover these areas in more depth and is open to your input on what YOU want it to cover… a bit of crowd sourcing the topics 😉

Send your topic requests direct to

You can request the white paper by sending an email to or use the ‘Contact’ form on their website (it will also be posted online when ready).

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