We’re Serious about Simulation. Visualisation. Gamification.

Through gamification we integrate game technologies and game mechanics to motivate engagement, learning and behaviour change.

Game-Based Learning

When learning is competitive, highly interactive and involves the latest technology, employees are more willing and able to develop their skills and acquire new working practices. Our projects support individual and/or team achievements, are delivered as smartphone, pc or tablet apps and can utilise quiz style games; with or without avatar characters and leaderboards used in classrooms or events.


A brand marketing game, enabling users to test their campaign on focus groups of AI controlled customers.

China IPR

A game offering a taste of experience of doing business and launching projects in China. Try here…

Behaviour Change Gamification

Through the use of points, badges, levels, challenges and leaderboards our solutions strive to leverage people’s natural passion for achievement, rewards, competition and collaboration.


A project engaging electricity consumers through the use of an online game to help reduce peak electricity demand. Try here…

Intelligent Vehicle Mobility System

A project delivered in partnership with Siemens, Coventry University, Coventry City Council and Mira. A gamified solution which motivates drivers to choose alternative routes during rush hours; reducing travel time, road congestion and polution.