Transforming Highways England Training with VR and Gamification

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Transforming Highways England Training with VR and Gamification

The brief:

Highways England sought to update and begin to transform their Traffic Officer Academy and turned to SGIL for ideas and development which included networked virtual reality experiences, gamified knowledge checks for group discussions, and 3D procedural training using game engine based interactivity on tablets.

The solution

SGIL developed 3 solutions: a classroom based quiz to reinforce key concepts and identify knowledge gaps on general driving theory, an emergency traffic management (ETM) procedures training app and a hazard identification VR experience that immerses delegates into a virtual highway to apply theory into their dangerous work environment.

The gamified questionnaire is delivered to delegates on tablets in the classroom. It is presented in a quiz format with one question being asked at a time to all trainees and a multiple choice answer for them to select. The choice is sent in real-time to the instructor who controls the process and projects scores onto the screen for discussion and competition. The program provides the opportunity to check learning progress in an engaging and entertaining way and quickly identify knowledge gaps.

The Emergency Traffic Management app is a tablet based interactive experience showing various highway sections where delegates drag and drop the assets (vehicles, cones, signs) in the correct order and locations around a set scene on the road to safely divert traffic using their fingers. With multiple levels of difficulty and a number of different scenarios including hard shoulder and motorway closures, reverse flows and roundabouts, delegates develop a deeper understanding and memory of procedures.

The Hazard Perception Virtual Reality Practice Experience is deployed on multiple networked Samsung Gear VR headsets and provides several immersive environments where delegates take pictures of potentially dangerous objects and events. 360° photographs of the real world were taken by SGIL and made into interactive training. Potential hazards include broken vehicles, inappropriate driver behaviour, oil leaks, and wind blowing a dangerous chemical into public areas.

The result

Feedback from Highways England instructors and delegates have been outstanding and several enhancements have been identified to make the training experiences even easier to use and more effective.

Statistics and Facts:

  • The gamified quiz works as a dynamic team exercise, demonstrating group and individual progress.
  • The ETM tablet app will be deployed to all drivers demonstrating value of tactile touch based learning and more return on their investment from scaling beyond new hires.
  • VR was deeply appreciated by first time users suggesting ease of adoption of a more innovative and beneficial way of delivering safety training.