Gamifying Power Consumption

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Gamifying Power Consumption

The brief:

SGIL partnered with GenGame to deliver a gamified platform designed to influence electricity consumer behaviour. The objective was to convince players to cut down the electricity consumption at certain times of the day or week, when the demand is especially high and the cables are exposed to the maximum strain, by offering them valuable rewards and competition.

The solution

SGIL developed a reusable mobile app, website and leader board system that together provide a platform for players to participate and earn points for real prizes. In order to join the game, players connect a smart plug that measures the power used by the appliance that it is plugged in to and it enables them to turn appliances on and off from their mobile. Players score GenGame points for connecting appliances to the smart plug and reducing their electricity use during GenGameTimes. The points allow users to compete with other and win prizes.

The scores are presented in the form of leader boards so players can track their progress and see how others are doing. There are different leagues in the game and users can choose to enter any of them. Those who manage to get the highest scores get cash prises, high street vouchers and other rewards provided by league sponsors. Bonus points can be earned for things like completing in game achievements, liking the GenGame Facebook page, following the programme on twitter or inviting friends.

The result

GenGame builds on natural human behaviours of game play and gives players a reason to understand their energy use which helps them make a personal input in preserving the environment.

Statistics and Facts:

  • The game offers online leagues, leaderboards, mobile ‘mini-games’ and achievement rewards to keep the engagement high.
  • Early results indicate gamification has an influence on behaviour of electricity consumption and different aspects of the system appeal to different players in terms of rewards and competition.
  • The SGIL developed platform can be easily reconfigured for other client objectives.