Large Scale 3d Simulations – Singapore Civil Defence Force

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Large Scale 3D Simulations – Singapore Civil Defence Force

The brief:

Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) commissioned SGIL and a partner XVR to develop a simulated environment that would enable firefighters to practice drills necessary for dealing with extreme emergency situations. SCDF wanted to have an effective classroom-based training system to train and practice command & control and decision making skills reducing the need to train with real fires.

The solution

SGIL created two large scale virtual environments: an oil refinery modelled accurately on existing infrastructure including SCDF’s equipment and clothing, and a marine environment that features SCDF’s firefighting vessels, one of the worlds’ largest cruise ships, a container ship and a practice firehouse/ship used by SCDF which is modelled as part of a cargo ship all set in the Singapore harbour.

The cruise ship was modelled by a team of six with a high degree of fidelity using technical plans and on-site photographic reference of an in-service vessel. It includes cabins, bridge, engine room, theatre, dining room and much more. The container ship and firehouse are very accurate replicas of real equipment. Areas can be observed from multiple angles with 1st and 3rd person views.

The result

SCDF has received the full system developed by XVR and SGIL in both the UK and Singapore which delivers classroom based role playing with after action review. The 18-month project was delivered on time and on budget to high acclaim.

Statistics and Facts:

  • 3D models of ships unprecedented in scale and complexity for training
  • The cruise ship has various potential incident places located on 10 internal passenger and crew decks, including the engine room, 40 cabins of various sizes, 750 seat theatre, 2 restaurants, entertainment areas, 6 stairwells