Nismo Statbox Application:
In collaboration with Nissan and squarely aimed at the playstation generation we developed the Nismo Statbox app allowing Nissan drivers to link their iPad with their car via Bluetooth, which then enabled them to then view an extra range of gauges as they drive. These additional data gauges included exhaust and water temperature, oil pressure, G-Force, Turbo boost as well as a lap-timer function. The app stores all this additional driving data, including lap times, on the device to share through various social media channels. Nissan has had great success with promoting their virtual to real programs through the use of GT Academy in the past with a (real) team finishing on the podium at Le Mans. Nobody bridges the gap with the Playstation Generation better than Nissan. With this proposal the goal was to leverage this mentality but to go virtual to real. Those well versed in Garn Turismo will no doubt be aware of Nissan’s motorsports arm- Nismo and the release would coincide with a marketing push on the Nismo brand at the LIVE event starting on the 21st January 2013.