British Airways

First Class Cabin Crew Application:
We were asked by British Airways to produce an application for First Class Cabin Crew. This application was to be used to reduce a training course from 4 days to 1 day by providing a more interactive version of pre-course information. SGIL designed a table lay-up game as this was identified by the training team as the most cumbersome element of the training. The learners often underestimated how difficult some of the table lay-ups were to learn. The app enabled the learners to practice the order and layout of the various table lay-ups before and after the course with the app feeding back to them on their scores. The application also included 360degree panoramic photography of the cabin and contained hotspots linked to videos and information about aspects of the cabin which differ from other classes. The app has been successfully rolled out across the world and is available to all British Airways staff.