Augmented reality and wearable technology enter the industry

Serious Games Internationalaugmented reality Augmented reality and wearable technology enter the industry
managing director of SGIL is presenting the company at augmented reality marketplace

Augmented reality and wearable technology enter the industry

Augmented Reality and Wearable Technology Marketplace organised by Rolls-Royce, Innovate UK and Knowledge Transfer Network in Bristol has revealed ambitions plans of British manufacturers to make the country a leader in using latest AR technology. SGIL participated in the event showcasing various demos in virtual and augmented reality that demonstrated its potential in improving production process and customer’s user experience.


Speakers from Rolls Royce, Jaguar Land Rover and Digital Engineering and Test Centre have emphasised that enterprises are looking for practical applications of augmented reality combined with wearable technology. Together they become the part of transformation strategy based on the Internet-of things in various organisations.  Networking of physical devices enhanced by augmented reality will enable companies to significantly enhance production capacity and quality control.


Whether AR and wearable technology is used in the field, in design studio or in manufacturing environment, it can display real-time, context-aware data that enhance employees’ ability to complete tasks more quickly and efficiently. Augmented reality together with WT offer a hand-free computing environment that provides almost boundless interaction with information and user’s surroundings.


SGIL offers its expertise to clients to deliver AR solutions that provide important visualised information at the point of need, overlaying instructional content on the real world equipment and facilities. We use powerful NGrain engine to build software that can be deployed on tablets or smart glasses and easily transferred between them. Our augmented reality and wearable technology projects are especially effective for real-time, on-the-job training that directly leads users to learn new skills. With sensitive edge-recognition our solutions help to visualise data of any scale and complexity in any plant or studio. We create seamless user experience that intelligently understands workers’ requirements in context, at any moment in time.

Nataliia Zaboeva