Serious Games International Limited is a digital studio based in Coventry, UK. We are experts in developing large scale immersive simulations, 3D visualisations using virtual and augmented reality, and gamification applications, enabling our clients to better engage, train and/or support their staff and customers.

Our team of artists, programmers and engineers’ experience includes the commercial games industry which means we’re highly skilled at using the latest technologies on demanding projects with a creative flair. Our expertise in delivering 3D simulations for training applications is recognised by Learning and Performance Institute accreditation as a Learning Solutions Provider.

We’re serious about


Where the training is dangerous or expensive to do in the real world we simulate it to provide safe learning and practice environments across platforms including Virtual Reality


Virtual and augmented reality expertise applied to visualise complex data and environments using 360 photography, 360 video, CAD, BIM and 3D modeling


SGIL delivers game based experiences and applied game mechanics through programming and experience design expertise for learning and behaviour change


Our clients rely on SGIL to help transform their digital practices. Current examples include:

  • introducing innovation (e.g. Virtual Reality for Leadership Development)
  • cutting training costs through simulation (e.g. Interactive Cabin Crew Training)
  • improving safety in dangerous environments (factory 3D procedural simulation)
  • improving training results (VR Hazard Spotting and 3D Driving Simulation)
  • revolutionising maintenance operations (3D Augmented Reality for Aircraft)
  • collaborative design in AR/MR (Hololens for transport) and VR (Vive for engineering)


emergency services
l & d


SGIL driving and equipment simulators

Emergency services

Simulated hazardous environments enable emergency workers to learn and practice procedures without risk and at lower cost. Individual and team tasks can be performed virtually in order to develop quick decision-making, team work, and embed procedures necessary for working in emergency situations.


From idea stage through the end of the assembly line virtual and/or augmented reality enables designers, technicians and engineers to work and learn more creatively and efficiently


We recreate dangerous and complex environments in 3D to enable training, industrial design and staff support.

Learning and development

Our classroom networked virtual reality training systems enable collaborative learning and group discussion of tracked results. We’re helping our clients integrate virtual reality into their curriculum for leadership development, safety and induction applications.